As an adult piano student, I had some reservations about taking lessons again after many years of not playing. Willa immediately made me feel at ease! Her passion for music is evident in her teaching style. She took the time to understand the type of instruction and direction I needed. She tailored each lesson and music selection to my individual needs. I cannot recommend Willa enough from the beginner to an experienced musician looking to brush up on skills! Thank you, Willa!
— Laura Sconyers, age 28
Willa Grey is an incredible writer, a talented singer, and plays piano with a grace and beauty that can make a grown man cry. Such a gentle spirit. When working together, she brings things out of you that you didn’t know were there. When my little ones are old enough to take lessons, I know who to call.
— Jeremy Cutts
I love you, Miss Willa! You rock!
— Anna Grace, age 5
Thank you for the music. You gave me my life back.
— Kim, age 60
You were the best teacher I ever had. And my best friend too, I think.
— Michael, age 6
Willa is an amazing artist! We worked together briefly, and she was the most professional and talented person I have ever had the pleasure of learning from, and working with. She is so resourceful, and will use her skills and talents to the fullness of her abilities to make whatever project you are working on the best it can be. I loved working with her. She’s honestly like family now.
— Matthew Franks, 27


What Parents are saying...

You were the teacher we’d been waiting for.
— Laura White
I found the one who “gets” Audrey. Kindred spirits? I don’t know, but I can tell they think alike and I’ve met a lot of voice, acting, music instructors. Maybe it’s just a musician thing, but Audrey already loves Willa! These two seem to be a musical match! Now I just get to sit back and watch the magic happen!
— Jennifer Kirkes
“Thank you for being such a loving and positive influence in Anna Grace’s life. You have such a gift—both with teaching children and with musical creativity. We wish you all the best for this new chapter in your life. We will miss you, Willa!”
— Allen & Serena Porter
You have played such an important role in Alex’s life. Thank you for the positive and lasting impression you’ve made!
— Bertha Grayson
Willa has done wonders with our daughter! She was exactly what Audrey needed!
— Bill Kirkes