Private Lessons



W.G. Studios accepts students as young as five-years-old to begin with the basic elements of music—rhythms, beats, counting, note-reading, melodies. These are fun lessons, full of energy and games designed to capture interest while teaching fundamentals.

Level: beginner.


Middle grade - Teenage

These lessons are made for creative souls who are coming into their own. My students in this age group often play in bands, explore songwriting and composition, and explore many different genres of music as they take their skills and musicianship to the next level.

Levels: beginner-advanced.


Adults: college - Elderly

Many adults who seek lessons haven't touched a piano for decades, and some have never played at all. They come to lessons believing they can't do it, yet they often end up becoming my happiest students and confident musicians! It's never too late to begin.

Levels: beginner-advanced