Studio MasterClass

A crucial part of becoming a better musician is belonging to a community of musicians. In addition to weekly lessons, these Masterclasses are once a month group classes in which students collaborate, perform, and learn, side-by-side. They are divided by level and experience where appropriate and will change the focus of study throughout the semester based on student goals/levels/interest.


1. Performance Masterclass

It's typical for students to be petrified by the idea of playing in public. Some students refuse to participate in recitals and miss out entirely on the joy of sharing the music they've worked so hard to master. The purpose of this masterclass is to give students of all levels amply opportunity to develop the skill of performing as they learn to shake their doubts, master their focus, tune out distractions, and overcome nerves until all that exists is the music. Through this class, students play for their peers in the studio, gain friends, confidence in their abilities, and the added motivation and discipline that comes from performing on a regular basis. 

11. Theory Masterclass

The building blocks of music. 



111. Songwriting Masterclass

Though each of my students will spend a bit of time in each lesson improv and composition, this particular class is dedicated solely to composing and writing songs. In these classes, we will dissect and recognize chord progressions and inversions, breakdown lyrical patterns and song structures, and launch students into their own creative journeys. The students will share their progress on their work with each other on a regular basis and give each other feedback, and collaborate as musicians, leaning on each other's skills and ideas. 


- Rates of Masterclass TBD -