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Willa is a Perry & Walters Music Foundation Scholar, who graduated Cum Laude from Harding University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. In 2006, she founded an independent music lessons studio to teach piano and composition, and since then has worked in four different regions of the country with students of all ages and levels, implementing music therapy practices with Alzheimer's patients, ukulele lessons for stroke survivors, and group music classes at a school for children with mental and physical disabilities. 


For over a decade, she has been empowering young people to use their voices through music, and has worked towards this end with Girls Rock Birmingham, Music World, and Mason Music Studios. Though classically trained in piano, Willa is a singer-songwriter and ukulele enthusiast at heart, who is never happier than when she is performing around the city, collaborating with fellow artists, and composing. Last spring, she was invited to lecture at the Journey to Justice conference in Nottingham, England to use her personal compositions as examples of the role of music and poetry in social movements, to motivate young people to use their art in their communities to inspire empathy and affect change.

It was an impactful experience, and since then, Willa has shifted the focus of her studio to center around songwriting and creative exploration, empowering her students to becoming artists in their own right.

It's been twelve years now since Willa started spreading music—and she's just getting started.



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